Boudreaux Military Retirement Cake

Bottom tier – chocolate cake/vanilla buttercream
Top tier – white cake/vanilla buttercream
Entire cake covered in fondant

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Sydney’s cake

10th Birthday Cake
Vanilla Cake
Vanilla Butter cream

Decorated with some fondant pieces.

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Bernard Anniversary

Classic Wedding cake
Vanilla cake
Vanilla frosting

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Koehn/Bilberry Wedding

Vanilla Cake
Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream filling/frosting
Periwinkle vine motif decoration

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Fitzgerald/Wagner Wedding

Vanilla Cake
Vanilla Buttercream filling/frosting
Bright White Fondant

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Smith/Madgwick Wedding Cake

Smith/Madgwick Wedding, a.k.a. The Ho-Ho Cake

Chocolate cake
Vanilla buttercream filling
Chocolate ganache frosting

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Seascape Cake

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It is Official

I’ve started handing out business cards. I am now open for business. It is more than a little daunting to start taking orders and selling myself and my product. I’m ready and starting to get more photos on the photo page of my previous cakes. So, here we go.

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New Company…new blog

Hello blogging world.   I created this blog with the intention of posting pictures and tutorials of my cakes.  The company, just like the blog, are works in progress.  Thanks (in advance) for your patience.

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